Heat Retention Records

Retain your heat!

Cakes of Light is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jay Dunbar. Recording and performing with a shifting cast of characters and often as a solo act, Dunbar blends traditional song structures with noise chaos and improvisation. His songs explore a variety of themes and moods, but more often than not, they reference the inner alchemy of psychic revolution and personal transformation.

Current line up:
John Bryan: drums, percussion, sings
Brian Daub: bass, pedal steel, electronics, sings
Jay Dunbar: guitars, bass, tapes, electronics, sings
Eric Jackson: guitars, banjo, electronics, sings

Blog- http://cakesovlight.blogspot.com/

"Cakes of Light / Ghost Orchestra - "Anthem for the People" CDR on Phase! Records 2010
"Save Your Self" LP Heat Retention 2007/8
"Book of the Mormon Worms/Liber Lux" Heat Retention 2006
"Cakes of Light ep" Heat Retention 2005