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Dan Peck is a tuba player, improviser and composer living in Brooklyn, NY. Dan was born and raised in East Brunswick, NJ, where he sang in church (his Mom was the choir director), and played guitar and bass in garage bands. After becoming disenchanted with the guitar, Dan took some tuba lessons later in high school and decided to pursue classical music at college. During his Master's Degree at the Manhattan School, Dan befriended a few jazz musicians that piqued his curiosity about bebop, and combined with his love for the avant-garde he quickly became interested in different forms of improvisation.
Since his move to New York in 2005, Dan has been active in multiple projects as a leader and collective contributor. His doom jazz trio The Gate (with Brian Osborne and Tom Blancarte) has released 6 albums and completed 3 international tours to date. Other projects include chamber-macabre trio Premature Burial (with Matt Nelson and Peter Evans) and ambient-improv ensemble Earth Tongues (with Joe Moffett and Carlo Costa). As a sideman, Dan has played/recorded with groups led by Ingrid Laubrock, Anthony Braxton, Steve Lehman, and Tony Malaby. His first solo album, Solo LP (2013) was the initial release on Dan's record label, Tubapede Records. The label has also released solo albums by Tom Blancarte (The Shortening of the Way, 2014 LP) and Matt Nelson (Lower Bottoms, 2014 LP), and recently a split release with Heat Retention Records of solos recorded on 4-track cassette tape by Dan and Brian Osborne (cassette tape, 2015).
Dan is also active as an interpreter of contemporary music, as a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and has played and recorded with other new music groups such as Talea, Signal, Tilt Brass, and Wet Ink. In a more old-timey suit, Dan plays with some of his Manhattan School friends in Grandpa Musselman and His Syncopators, a 6-piece band playing classics of early jazz from the 1920's and 30's. In keeping with his classical "roots", Dan recently recorded a tuba and piano/harpischord album of all Baroque transcriptions with keyboardist Bryan Reeder, due for release in 2016.
Currently, Dan is adjunct professor at New Jersey City University and SUNY Purchase.