Heat Retention Records

Retain your heat!

Embarker is the solo project of audio visual artist Michael Roy Barker. Currently based in Philadelphia, Mb has also resided along the East Coast in Baltimore and Brooklyn while playing with past / present groups such as Sharks with wings, The George Steeltoe Ensemble, and Hatchers. Mb uses a variety of electronics, modular synthesizer, homemade instruments, voice and processed audio from found videos that are often projected as an accompaniment to his electro acoustic improvisations and compositions. He has been a resident at the Experimental TV Center and STEIM.

Selected Recordings
Embarker "The Sayer" Heat Retention 3" cdr
Embarker "An Acre of Glass Prairies" Deep Fried Tapes
Michael Barker "The Answer Tapes" Heresee CDR
Sharks with Wings S/T Sendhelp CDR
Sharks with Wings "Disaster is a Big Damage" 3" Sendhelp CDR
Sharks with Wings "Lets Kiss the ring" CS60 Sendhelp
Sharks with Wings/Paper legs split 7" heat retention/sendhelp
Sharks with Wings/Plain Seahorses/Sanguine Vessel split 12" breathmint records
George Steeltoe Ensemble "Church of Yuh" Heat Retention