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In 1999 the George Steeltoe Ensemble began experimenting in free jazz and other improvisational forms through weekly "church" sessions at the Lexington, KY home of Brian Osborne. The group originally performed mostly as a quartet with Jeff Chapple, Jay Dunbar, Lathan Hardy and Brian Osborne. In 2001 the group moved to Brooklyn where it continues to evolve to this day. Currently the Ensemble's line-up includes Brian Osborne on drums, Lathan Hardy on sax, Michael Barker on electronics, and Tom Blancarte on bass. The following people have also played in the Ensemble over the past ten years: Dylan Angell, Andrew Barker, Ed Bear, Casey Block, Daniel Carter, Ed Chang, Tom Clark, Ross Compton, Marcus Cummins, Peter Evans, Dave Farris, Walker Hancock, Trevor Healy, Sam Hicks, Erik Hinds, Michael T. Jackson, Joel Lambdin, Elisa Osborne, Melissa Putz, RADAR Dance, Speight Rhue, Mark Savage, Jeffrey Shurdut, Tamio Shiraishi, Blaise Siwula, Robin Siwula, Jasper Stadhouders, and Marc Zajack.

In 2006 George Steeltoe Ensemble released their first recording titled Church of Yuh, which Blastitude dubbed "refreshingly nasty garbage jazz all the way, maybe even a new kind of fire music". The group's sound made WIRE imagine "the Art Ensemble of Chicago jamming with Jackie-O Motherfucker". Preferring live performance over recordings; the group's only other release is a 3" on Primecuts, which documents the group, eight strong, on a day off during their 2007 Spring Tour.

"Comtrails Over Carolina" 3" cdr on Primecuts
"Church of Yuh" 12" LP