Heat Retention Records

Retain your heat!

Trevor Healy is a guitarist, repairman and luthier based in the San Francisco Bay area. Trevor composes for solo acoustic guitar, and was tapped by Sean Smith for the new Beyond Berkeley Guitar collection, out now on Tompkins Square. He is also a member of the group Meridians, formed with Singer/Guitarist Julie Napolin in 2007. Their open-form ballads are alternately driving and hypnotic, exploring the patterns, overtones, and consonances created by voice and two guitars. There are echoes of British folk, minimalism and the more cinematic strains of krautrock as the two combine intricate electric, acoustic and 12-string guitar melodies over pulsing loops of flute, violin, found objects and oscillators.

Whenever possible Trevor performs in Paper Legs, founded in 2005 with Brian Osborne, which further explores the use of looping with feedback and tapes. He also collaborates with saxophonist Aram Shelton, the group Sudden Oak, and Cakes of Light.

Most recently Trevor contributed to a limited edition LP of Neil Young cover's which can be found at http://fundamentalexperiment.blogspot.com